De eerste post op 18 december 2004. Nu bijna 250 posts verder. Nr 1 bij Google bij zoeken op ‘dwaalgasten’. Ruim 12.000 bezoekers sinds de start. Een schare van trouwe bezoekers. We gaan door!


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  1. Hi M,
    I suppose congrates are in order. Not a bad result. Though I think the word “posts” doesn’t do justice to the wonderful photos on this Google number 1 result web site (of course I checked that little fact).

    Did you know Google even predicts a prices for buying your url, considering your current success and hit rate!! For Aerlines Mag. I regularly dig into Google Analytics. A really wonderful source of information on our and other web sites. Ratings, ratings, ratings…

    Oh well, see you around and perhaps we can still do that “personal” cup of coffee sometime.

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