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  1. Hi M,
    Your shot of the guy making the flip above/behind the DJ is just spot on!! I’m am truly and deeply impressed by the professional quality you portray here. I can assure that many of my professional colleagues (during my time in the press core), should ‘they’ have been send to cover this event, would be jealous as H%ll.

    You captured the movement of the skater very well. The motion blur underlines the dynamics even more. Btw: And why should she not become a skater?? It’s an expressive art and a wonderful feeling when make an Ollie and don’t break anything!

    Furthermore, I think you created a superb – artificial – depth in the photo by including the DJ. Which is further enhanced by the spectators in the back. And since we are talking about the audience: their overwhelmed looks of ‘aahhh’s’ and ‘oohhh’s’ are really phenomenally captured. Especially the guy on the left, with his mouth open. His portrayed emotion is comparable to that of a child on the door step of a giant candy store and knowing his farther is far too busy taking photos of the whole spectacle… (I’ve warned you, although daughters don’t drift away that easy into skating)

    The choice for B&W has paid off. It adds fine news paper feeling to the shot.

    Last but not least. Please take a course into PS or any other photo enhancing program for that matter. The balance between the bright white tones of the sky and buildings with regard to the rest is waayyy offfffffff!
    As you probably know, one’s eye normally catches the bright spots in an image first, before it focuses on the rest. But what’s there to see in thos spots? Nothing! Nada, zilch, zero, bupkes! It’s not even interesting for life from Mars. So, why highlight it??

    With PS this could have been solved in no-time. Just open the photo in PS, go to “Image” (third pull-down menu from the left), then go to “Adjustments” and finally choose “Shadows/Highlights”. A pop-up box opens and just fiddle a bit with settings positioned in “Highlights” … E voila! How hard can it be…. This all said, I conclude with the following: “Please let her become a PS fan so she can help her dad!”

    Hoi Michiel,
    Tijd lang niet op je site geweest. Zo te zien wordt je site internationaal bezocht. Of heb je Engelse vrienden? Hahaha. Ik zie steeds vaker van die Engels commentaren bij je foto’s. Het lijkt wel photobucket.com of Flickr.com. Ken je die site?

    Mooie foto collage heb je van dat inline skate festijn gemaakt. Geeft een leuk sfeerbeeld.

    Ik heb dat commentaar van “Photolab.AJ” eens zitten lezen. Best een leuke analyse. Wel veel details, hoor. En vrij boute uitspraken! Het blijft een foto.
    Wat betreft dat felle licht heeft Photolab.AJ wel wat gelijk. Het trekt je oog er wel naar toe. De foto die je nu hebt geupload is beter.
    Nou, groet,

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