Eén antwoord op “Hillegersberg Jazz 2009”

  1. Hi M,
    Fine timing and momentum you captured there. You can really see the strain in his face to catch that note there. I can almost hear it.
    The image, composition and post-production (gotten handy with PS yet?) also reminds me somewhat of those classic French bars where Édith and her colleagues amused us till the early morning light. Where Pastis 51 was still really from that year. When flying from anywhere, perhaps from Jan Dellaert’s place, to anywhere got you into the league of Stuyvesant. And we all could dig into the trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. At the time pronounced the trail of the century, because of them commies. Until of course, that flaming idiot OJ came flying by.

    Yep, those were the days. Thanks for triggering that happy memory to better days and years.
    Here’s to you,

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