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  1. This shot would certainly fit this song:

    Perhaps one other thing: those scouring pads the SP keeps handing out, are of less and less quality. They are delaminating just after a one-time and light usage in the kitchen. So, what’s the SP going to do about that? Perhaps we should ask Kamervragen and start a big debate on how their merchandising correlates with and reflects on their political statements. Perhaps this also explains their results in the poles.

    As you will understand, I already called CNN and Al Jazira. This may not pass unnoticed. We, the people, have to take a stand and stand-up for our right to receive quality controlled scouring pads while being hassled with merchandising that is really pointless to begin with.
    I hope you are with me on this… I certainly count on you. Just like my uncle Sam and cousin Mao.

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