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  1. i M,
    How are you since we last wrote? Hope your doing well!

    I reckon you are busy, judging by the number of photos you uploaded since the beginning of this year. Same problem here… A good sign for the economy, a little less for people in search of intriguing photos. Ah well, one can’t have it all!

    First thought – when I looked at this shot – was of some sort of lights, but soon realized you took photos of dead woodland. Of course I first looked at the photo and an instant later at the title.

    Death row? On the one hand: yes, I agree. But looking at this sorry bunch of trees (sorry about that), euthanasia takes on a whole different meaning. Hopefully they will end-up at the paper mill, so we office ‘survivalers’ can still enjoy them. In a strange but profound way, a kinda nice afterlife for a tree; don’t you think…

    Nice bright orange color. Enhanced with PS, or still haven’t found the time to get familiar with it? Have you given any thought to doing this one as a selective black and white. I think it would look great. But don’t forget to downgrade the curves layer for that heavy contrasting effect…

    Take care and see you around,

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